Dr. Demelo, D.D.S

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.05.11 PM A New York Dentist Proves Dentistry Is Modern Art

Today, Dr. Fátima Demelo is one of New York City’s leading dentists and an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. But many years ago she was a young girl with severe dental problems. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, her teeth were in such bad shape growing up that by the time she was a teenager, she was in danger of losing all of her teeth. Some were saved, but replacements had to be made to complete her smile. It is this background and the harsh reality of what it’s like to live with a less than perfect smile that makes Dr. Demelo such an understanding and passionate advocate for her patients.

Dr. Demelo is founder of Bello Smile Dental Center. She’s a leader in what she calls “design prosthesis.” She brings a lifetime of creativity to the profession and changes the lives of her patients, giving each one of them artful smiles.“Many of my patients come to me with major problems with their mouths,” says Dr. Demelo. “They learn to live with these problems, but they don’t have to. Cosmetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation can restore confidence and totally transform a person’s life. That’s what thrills me about what I do.”

Young Fatima was thrust into dentistry by her father, who entered the profession after he retired. Wanting to solve the dental problems of his own children, Fatima’s dad went to school to learn the craft of dentistry and opened a dental lab. He learned how to create beautiful teeth and inspired Fatima to enter the profession. By the time young Fatima was 16 years old, she was assisting her dad in his lab and putting final touches on the prosthesis. By the age of 19, Fatima was accepted at full scholarship to Rio de Janiero State University, a prestigious and world renowned institution of dental medicine. By 1977 Fatima had become Dr. Demelo, completing her dental education. She finished at the top of her class. Soon she bought the office where she worked and began building a successful practice in Rio. In the early 1980s Dr. Demelo moved to the United States.

“I came to the United States not speaking the language, and having to adjust to a new environment,” says Dr. Demelo. “Because I’m passionate about what I do, before long my practice was thriving. Everyone wants a great smile and I’ve been a part of re-creating thousands.”

In addition to studying in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Demelo is licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, has studied at New York University and is a member of the American Dental Association, and First District Dental Society. “Being a member of these organizations helps me gain insight into the events shaping the future of dentistry,” says Dr. Demelo. Indeed, she has pioneered much advancement in treatment resulting in her enormous success and popularity.

From her office in Astoria, she also describes one of her life passions – giving back to the community. “I am working on a foundation aimed at inspiring kids to new heights,” says Dr. Demelo. “I am also active in my church and a foundation to fight leprosy. At some point I might travel the world to speak to audiences, helping as many people as I can understand that you really can change your life by focusing on improving yourself.” But for now, Dr. Demelo is applying her talents to creating more smiles which are true works of art.

When you meet Dr. Demelo you’ll understand why she has been so successful. You’ll immediately notice her tremendous energy and conviction. She credits her mother and one of her early professors with giving her the attitude of persistence and a focus on quality.

The motto of Bello Smile is, “For the smile of your dreams.” But this isn’t just a slogan. It’s what real patients feel about the results of Dr. Demelo’s work. “After a major case my patient said something that I’ll never forget,” says Dr. Demelo. He said, “What you did is beyond my dreams!”