Personalized Oral Prostheses

Personalized Oral Prostheses are removable prosthetic devices used to rehabilitate edentulous patients. Implementation of POP can largely improve the facial aesthetics and improve function in people who have lost a great amount of bone and for that reason aren’t candidates for regular implants. It can also substitute old dentures by providing the user with a personalized cosmetic solution that reestablishes the structural harmony of the face by restructuring and mimicking any tissue and bone that was lost.


1- Reestablishes the proper distance between the upper and lower arches caused by the loss of natural teeth

2- Reestablishes muscular support and tonicity. This is accomplished by placing new teeth that are compatible with the shape of the face, age, and personality of the patient.

3- Restores lip support by replacing lost front teeth with a completely personalized prosthetic approach.

4- Improves masticatory function by providing good occlusal stability.

5- Increases self confidence by giving the user a natural look.

6- Fits and seals well, providing security when eating and speaking

7- Can be retained and stabilized in a higher degree by the use of accessory dental implants